3 Benefits of Short Term Property Management in Steamboat Springs, CO

3 Benefits of Short Term Property Management in Steamboat Springs, CO

What if you could book your Steamboat Springs, CO vacation property out for the entire year? It's not some impossible dream. With short-term property management, it's possible!

Short-term property management services can save you time and money while helping you make more off your rental property. That's only the start. Read on to discover the benefits of hiring a property manager today!

1. Find Ideal Tenants

There are over 11,411 beds and 3,390 units available for vacationers in Steamboat Springs. If your vacation rental doesn't stand out, you won't attract guests.

Without a strong digital marketing strategy, potential guests won't realize your vacation rental property is available. An experienced property management company can develop an effective marketing strategy. Their short-term property management service can help you gain visibility online.

They can use multiple strategies, including:

  • Email marketing
  • Blogging/search engine optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Paid advertising

About 90% of real estate agents already use Facebook to promote listings. Your property manager can give you a competitive edge. They'll ensure the listing appears on multiple vacation rental sites, maximizing your reach.

Choose a company that offers tenant screening services. Screening potential guests can help you avoid problematic guests. Your property manager will only choose people who can pay on time and don't have a history of damaging properties.

You can feel confident knowing reliable renters are staying in your vacation property. With help, you can master the art of vacation rental hosting.

2. Simplify Payments

Without a rent collection process in place, guests could pay late (or not at all). Your property manager can handle rent collection on your behalf. For example, they can use an online booking platform.

Guests will have to leave their credit card information before they can gain access to the unit. You can charge guests automatically. Making it easy for guests to pay with an online portal can help you avoid delinquent payments.

3. Ongoing Maintenance

It's important to keep your investment property in the best possible shape if you want to attract guests. If it looks worn down, vacationers will look elsewhere. Your property managers can maintain your property.

They'll gather competitive bids from different contractors in Steamboat Springs. They'll choose professionals who already have a glowing reputation.

You can even set rules to ensure guests don't damage your property. For example, you can limit the number of guests allowed. You can mention that guests aren't allowed to avoid unintentional damage.

If someone does damage the unit, your property manager can charge them a fee. They'll request cleaning and maintenance services before the next guest arrives. In the meantime, look into vacation rental insurance coverage.

Choose Short-Term Property Management

Without help from a short-term property management company, your unit could remain vacant. You won't start generating income from your Steamboat Springs property! Before that happens, hire an experienced property manager.

Their short-term property management services can save you time and money while helping you make money. PMI Steamboat has nearly 20 years of experience in the real estate industry.

We can give you the advantage required to maintain the best-managed properties on the market. Contact us today to start benefiting from short-term property management services!