Comparing Vacation Rental Platforms: Which One is Right for You?

Comparing Vacation Rental Platforms: Which One is Right for You?

The travel industry is gaining steam once again, with a bumper year predicted for 2024. If you want to enjoy the spoils of this increased demand, marketing your vacation home is a good place to start.

One of the best ways to attract travelers to your short-term rental property is by listing it on one of the well-known vacation rental platforms. These websites are popular amongst modern-day travelers who enjoy the convenience of being able to research vacation homes and make bookings in one place.

Keep reading to find the best match for your Steamboat Springs vacation rental home. has grown to become the most valuable brand in its market and attracts around 1.5 million nightly bookings. The platform offers several benefits when you want to rent out your house, such as

  • Many trusted reviews
  • An international audience
  • Flexible listing options
  • Rapid customer support
  • Secure reservations and payment systems

This platform lists vacation properties as well as hotels, so there's a lot of competition for customers. Be sure to compile an appealing listing when you advertise your property with

You can list your property for free, but you pay up to a 15% commission on every booking you receive via this platform.


VRBO does not list individual rooms and focuses on stand-alone properties only. For this reason, it's popular with guests seeking privacy as well as groups and families.

These limitations also mean you'll encounter less competition when you list your property with VRBO.

The site also offers handy promotional tools to help your property stand out. Although VRBO does not have as much reach as the other platforms, it's an excellent option if you're catering to one of its target markets.

VRBO does not charge a listing fee or collect taxes during the booking process.

With VRBO, you can choose between an annual subscription costing $499 or opting to pay a commission. This amounts to 5% on each booking, plus a 3% service charge and a 3% charge for credit card payments.


One of the best-known vacation rental platforms, this peer-to-peer rental website has over 7 million listings and attracts huge volumes of website visitors.

When you list your vacation rental property on Airbnb,you enjoy massive reach and exposure, plus a few other benefits, like:

  • Free listings
  • $1 million in host protection insurance coverage
  • Automated payments

Airbnb is easy to use for both hosts and guests, and you pay between 3% and 13% commission for every booking you receive on this platform.

Picking the Best Vacation Rental Platforms for You

There's no limit to the places you can advertise your properties online, and the best OTAs offer extensive reach, reasonable rates, and good service.

Standing out against the competition on vacation rental platforms is no mean feat, but it is possible with a little creative flair. PMI Steamboat's experienced marketing team can help you compile effective listings and manage your reservations seamlessly.

We partner with VRBO,, Airbnb, and other online travel agents to ensure maximum exposure for your vacation rental property. Now is the time to start marketing your Colorado vacation home more effectively.