Unlocking Wanderlust: The Rise of Revenge Travel

Unlocking Wanderlust: The Rise of Revenge Travel

In 2022, 960 million tourists traveled internationally, and domestic travel also grew over the year, showing that the travel industry is beginning to recover from the pandemic slowdown.

This shows that people are looking to get out, see the world, and have new experiences in a new place. That means that property owners should get ready for the influx that revenge travel will bring.

Learn what revenge travel is and how to prepare for it so your property rental can benefit.

What Is Revenge Travel?

Revenge travel is the idea of taking back the time and opportunity people may have lost to travel. This rose after the COVID-19 pandemic when travel was restricted.

Many people had to postpone or cancel their trips during this time, leading to a strong desire to travel again.

So, as restrictions have been lifted domestically and abroad, more and more people are looking to reclaim the vacation opportunities they lost. That has an effect on the travel industry.

This often means an influx of travelers to vacation destinations. Those who own vacation properties should be properly prepared for this rise in traveling.

What Are the Benefits of Revenge Travel?

For those who have a vacation rental property in Steamboat Springs, there are plenty of benefits of revenge travel. This surge often leads to more short-term rental bookings as people look to visit Steamboat Springs.

This higher demand for travel can lead to increased rates and more bookings for vacation properties. Ultimately, if you rent out your house for a vacation property, you can expect a higher cash flow.

This may also be a time to invest in more property rental opportunities. You may want to invest in different short-term rental homes to maximize profit.

How to Take Advantage of Revenge Travel

Property owners and short-term rental landlords should know the home sharing tips that will help them best take advantage of the revenge travel trend.

Firstly, you want to make your property look as attractive as possible to short-term renters. This may mean doing some repairs or adding features that will make travelers choose your property over others.

Proper marketing is also important. Listings and ads should highlight the special features and experiences your property offers. Be sure listings have good photos and descriptions that draw people in.

Engage previous and potential guests through social media. You can let people know what there is to do in Steamboat Springs when they stay at your property.

Make the Most of Revenge Travel

Many people are reclaiming their ability to explore and experience the world with revenge travel. There is a good chance that more travelers will be headed to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, to enjoy the outdoors through skiing and hiking.

As a rental property owner, you'll want to prepare for the influx of travelers the right way. That's where a property management company can help.

PMI Property Management Steamboat Springs is part of a franchise that's been in the industry for 20 years, and we can help you make the most of your investment. Contact us to get started with property management!